Be Yourself Today. You Look Beautiful Like That.

Rubies & Lilies decided to start our very own blog! Our goal is to feel more connected to you guys and also share many many styling tips, words that will encourage and uplift you, and just be able to chat with y'all. We hope that this makes you feel welcomed into the R&L community and we also hope we can brighten up your days with this. 
For our first blog post we wanted to talk all about embracing YOU. Every face we see when we are working is different, it is unique, and it is always beautiful. It's hard for us to face the fact that nobody views us the way we view ourselves, but it is true. Whether it be negative or positive - it should never matter the way someone else views you. 
You will never find satisfaction in a life where all you do is conform to what people expect of you. The bravest, most beautiful people I've ever known are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves. The people who let their light shine. Dimming your light for someone else will only break you in the end. 
If there's anything you need to take away from this, it's that nobody can ever tell you how to let your light shine. You are in control of you, your life, your words, and what you put out into the world. It is nobody's responsibility but yours to create a life that you are proud of! So take advantage of the fact that you are blessed enough to wake up every morning and embrace who YOU are. Never let a soul dim the light you were meant to shine.