Feeling Beautiful in the Clothes You're In

We all know those days. The days where you start your morning, you're getting ready, and the outfit you have on just puts you in a horrible mood. You don't feel beautiful in it, you don't feel like yourself, and you just want to lay in bed and not be seen. 

Although we don't realize it in the moment, the clothes we put on have SO much to do with our self confidence and how we feel. I'm not just talking about the size you put on or if the color doesn't suit your skin tone. I mean that the clothes we wear have so much to do with our self expression and our overall identity. It is so important that your style suits you best. 

There are a few ways you can make sure your closet is completely you. For one, go through it! Actually put in the work and throw out what you hate, what you haven't worn in years but is still just sitting there. Make sure that every item you have is something you're in love with. There is no reason for that shirt you bought three years ago which was cute at the time but you've never worn because you don't like the way it looks on you should still be hanging in your closet. So clean it out, organize it, and make sure everything you have is something you love. 

Secondly, get on Pinterest girl! Finding inspiration can be hard and finding your own personal style is even harder. So search up styles, find outfits you want to try on. Make a vision board of what you feel like is YOU. This is so important to personal growth and knowing exactly what it is that you want. It's okay to take and pick styling ideas and make them your own. The beauty of it all is being able to create something completely unique through what you find. 

Next, I would try shopping small! When you walk into Ross or a Marshall's or any big department store, you're going to see clothes you feel like you've seen a thousand times. Yes, it works sometimes, but it will not inspire you to branch out and grow your personal style. Shopping small and finding boutiques that carry such different styles is such a blessing when you can discover such awesome finds that suit you. You will be amazed at how special it can make you feel. 

Lastly, put all of it in your closet and make sure you actually wear it. Don't let stuff pile up in your closet! Make sure the outfit you wear ALWAYS makes you feel beautiful! I don't care if you're going to Kroger or The Oscars, put something on that makes you feel confident. You can wear a ballgown to Kroger or a tracksuit to The Oscars, as long as you feel beautiful. Your body is the canvas and you can paint whatever you want on every morning! Make it count. Find your inner Carrie Bradshaw baby!